Ashes and Diamonds (1958, Andrzej Wajda)

A Poetic License To Kill *This is a Spoiler Review* In my conquest to explore the gems that span across the ever impressive World Cinema, I am often drawn to that of Central and Eastern European films. Having explored the brilliance of Czech New Wave, I was introduced to a group of filmmakers known as […]

Creativity Project

Synopsis:  getting high on creativity.   How important is the influence of recreational drug use in recreating our interpretation of colour, shapes, and sounds? do we peek into a new dimension in which we can create? Or are we spiralling into a void of cataclysmic understanding? This a short film I had created during quarantine, […]

Ranking ALL Star Wars Films (Yes even the ones people don’t know about)

Never again will the world see another film franchise as big as Star Wars. The O.G. powerhouse franchise has more sequels, prequels, pre-sequels, spin offs, books, magazines, games, toys, and just about every possible item with a Star Wars sticker slapped on it than we can even comprehend. I may be the billionth person to […]

Why has going to the Cinema been likened to dreaming?

  In this essay I will argue that both dreaming, and cinema-going is a form of escapism from reality. I aim to explore different theories of psycho-analysis from Freud to Mulvey and how it links to the visual experience of film. I will discuss apparatus theory and how it treats cinema in its purest form […]

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